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[ How's My Driving ]

Exactly as it says on the tin. Ciel might get tricky with her multi-life/persona, taken in account of the setting and everything else. Problem/issue? Shoot me a line, I'd love to know so that I can fix it and improve! You know the drill: comment, concrit, anything goes!

Side note: there's a lot of additional headcanon and information listed on this journal, due to the fact that she has like a million layers to her character that are easy to overlook at a glance. Check the ♪ooc tag for more details; some of it would explain why I take her as I do, but of course any external output would be downright awesome.

♪ Anon: ON
♪ Screening: ON
♪ IP Logging: OFF

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Character Name: Ciel
Character Series: Tsukihime | Melty Blood
Character Age: Physically 17, actually around 24. In Mayfield, she's classified as an adult.
Canon point: Arcueid Good → Mely Blood → Re-Act → Post "Talk"
Housing: 1125 Taylor Road
"Family": Drone "husband" Spades Slick, drone "daughter" Mami Tomoe and Mion Sonozaki, and Marisa Kirisame [personal profile] adropofjupiter.
Permission meme for Suggestion and Sixth Sense
Extended Character Survey
In-depth Character Analysis
Activity Log

Character Relationships
IC Contact

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[Here be ye standard personal contact post. 3 options:

1. Phone
2. Mailbox
3. Church

And yes the last one is legit. She's there during most of her free time, the medicare/healing could come in handy too as well as spiritual guidance of dubious nature! Please specify how/when in the subject line, we'll get back to you ASAP o/]
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Now that Mayfield is community-based and all threading happens in [community profile] mayfield_rpg and [community profile] mayfield_logs, I probably should keep track of activity since I favor tagging to posting.

¤ denotes a log, ღ denotes a post.

Dates are recorded the day IRL the comment is made up until SEPTEMBER. Then, dates are recorded when threads ICly happen because Ruki backdates way too much stuff

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May. 10th, 2010 04:03 pm
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CR is gauged by two bars: familiarity and affection. Should be self-explanatory; the former is how well Ciel knows you, and the latter, how much she likes you. Familiarity is measured by ■, going to a maximum of 5. As for affection, chart is as follows:

Of colors and numerals )

NOTE: Common drills apply. I'm a lazy person, yes, but that set aside, if you think that your character should be here, drop me a note! Non-canonmates should be noted after 2~3 interactions. :|b

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As a Church Executor with her Magical Circuits restored, Ciel's got access to one support and one passive skill.

1. Mystic Eyes of Whisper, AKA Suggestion. What it does is that her eyes grow dull and she can implement ideas into someone else's head and urge them to go along with what she says. It's generally a subtle form of hypnotism (she can push it further depending on context), and there's several conditions for her to be able to do that to anyone, and for it to take effect.

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2. Sixth Sense. As a heretic hunter, hers is extremely sharp, and if your character is not human, she will highly likely be able to identify them on sight. Let it be half-human or versed in potent magic - she'll sniff you out, possibly literally too. She won't call you out for it especially under broad daylight, but she'll definitely store that knowledge away for future reference.

So a two-in-one meme, if that's alright! Stuff in brackets are to be erased and replaced by whatever you think is necessary to note, including the brackets themselves.

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