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only those who can or cannot αtone

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Birthdate:May 3
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‘‘celle qui est apte à expier, celle qui expie,
qui s'impose ou subit une souffrance comme réparation”

"Ciel, if there's a chance, that would be now."

"--Forget about it. The opportunity has left a year ago."

"Hm. You're just putting up a front, aren't you."

"Yes. Since this is the first time however, it would be impudent to stop because I can't bear it anymore. Giving up just because I'm fed up with it would be rather childish."

"Oh? Is that like paying the price of your sins?
It's funny, since that sounds quite human."

"Of course, I am human. Do you envy me, Merem?"

"...Yes, in a way. About as much as you envy me, I would say.
But how long does it last if you put it that way?
You're not saying that sin lasts until you die, are you?"

"That would be convenient... Though I don't believe that, since I'm not even aware of what my sins are to begin with."

Until it is certain, I will continue to confront the darkness within me.

"Hm? Then it's a damned bond that lasts a lifetime. Don't you know the simple truth?
That nothing can be cleared before it comes to an end?"

"Indeed... those words do carry a weight when you say them, Merem."
She giggles like a boy, but she doesn't stop walking.

---And like that, she returns to her old workplace.

The boy doesn't know.
He doesn't know that she had always wanted to escape, that she just repeats the same things over and over again during each task.

In the end.

The woman called Ciel shall continuously search for her sins, until her old nest itself is gone.

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